Whether seeking application support or a one-time appointment, it is my privilege to assist you on your pre-med journey. Please read through the packages and services listed below to find the right fit for you. Prices vary, so please contact me for details.


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Primary Application Prep

In this package, we dive into the AMCAS application, begin drafting the AMCAS Work & Activities section, begin drafting your personal statement, work on your school list, and finalize letters of recommendation.

  • Introduction to AMCAS--learn about the AMCAS application, with a specific focus on pre-writing the Work & Activities section; I will review and edit two drafts of your AMCAS Work & Activities experience descriptions.
  • Personal statement--learn elements of a strong personal statement, including essay flow, do's and don't's, and developing your theme; applicant begins writing; I will review and edit two draft essays.
  • Choosing where to apply and letters of recommendation--discuss considerations for choosing medical schools and how to use the MSAR; also discuss letters of recommendation: who to ask, when to ask, how to ask.
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Ongoing Application Support

In this package, we focus on secondary essays, mock interviews, and ongoing communication with medical schools.

  • Secondary essays--learn elements to writing strong secondary essays, including how to decipher what the questions are asking; applicant begins writing; I will review and edit secondaries for a maximum of five (5) medical schools.
  • Mock interviews—prepare for traditional or MMI medical school interviews.
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This is a one-year package that includes two discovery/intro advising appointments + all the components of the Primary Application Prep and Ongoing Application Support packages noted above.

Other Services

Discovery Advising

Over the course of two appointments, we cover applicant background, short-term goals, long-term goals, academic profile, research, community service, clinical experiences, additional experiences, timeline for applying, MCAT timing, AAMC’s core competencies, readiness to apply, reflection on why you are interested in medicine/what influences your decision to go into medicine, and what makes you a compelling applicant. After these two appointments, I will suggest an action plan for moving forward over the next months and/or years.

Personal Statement

Over the course of three appointments, I’ll take you through the elements of a strong personal statement, you’ll begin writing, and I’ll edit/review two of your personal statement drafts.

Reapplicant Advising

Over the course of two appointments, we discuss your previous application, including experiences at the time of the initial application and any outcomes from the application cycle. After I fully review and summarize your application, we'll focus on strategizing areas of improvement needed for a successful reapplication and your reapplication timeline.

Post-bac Advising

During this appointment, I'll teach you the different types of post-bac programs, we'll discuss good programs to consider, and we'll determine your post-bac application timeline. We'll also discuss your readiness to apply to medical schools, to ensure you are getting relevant experiences in your bridge/gap year(s).

Individual Advising

Let's chat about whatever you want. Topics can include anything pertaining to advising and the application process, including topics mentioned in the packages, pre-med coursework, how to find clinical experiences, studying abroad, and more.